Take part in the Founding Fathers’ Fast with Celtic FC Foundation

As we approach the 136th anniversary of the formation of our Club, we are set, once again, to honour our charitable heritage by asking supporters to take part in this year’s Founding Fathers’ Fast, on Monday, November 6.

The Celtic support have, in their numbers, marked this anniversary by fasting for 24 hours and paying tribute to Celtic Football Club’s reason for being. We’re inviting supporters to not only take part and donate a suggested £5 – representing what would’ve been spent on food for that day – but also to make some noise about it on social media to encourage as many fellow supporters as possible to get involved in this and further events throughout our Christmas Appeal.

Please give up food for a single day and help someone who really needs support from Celtic FC Foundation this Christmas.

How to get involved:

  1. Fast for the day on Monday, November 6, in honour of our Club’s Founding Fathers
  2. Use the Hashtag #FoundingFathersFast
  3. Change your profile pic for the day to the Founding Fathers’ Fast image (below)

  1. Donate a suggested £5 to Celtic FC Foundation’s Christmas Appeal – Online HERE or by texting ‘CELTIC £5’ to 70085*
  2. Tag us @foundationcfc on November 6 to tell us what you’re giving up and what method you’ve used to donate.

All funds raised from the Founding Fathers’ Fast will support our 2023 Christmas Appeal.

Through our Appeal, we aim to bring comfort, and light up the lives of many who would otherwise struggle over the festive period.

This includes local families facing poverty, so they can enjoy the type of Christmas that many of us take for granted.

As well as pensioners, women and children in refuge, the homeless community and refugees, as well as a host of others.

Together, we can Light Up Someone’s Christmas this festive season.

Thank you for your magnificent support.