Who are Celtic FC Foundation?

Celtic FC Foundation are the official charitable arm of Celtic Football Club. We proudly uphold its charitable principles and heritage of tackling and alleviating poverty here on our doorstep and beyond.

We are an organisation here for all, regardless of gender, age, religion, race, or ability.

Established in 2013, Celtic FC Foundation is a merger of the Club’s previous charitable entities, Celtic Foundation and the Celtic Charity Fund. The social principles, key priorities, aims and objectives of the Celtic Charity Fund (established in 1995) and the Celtic Foundation (established in 2006) were so clearly aligned, it was agreed that the natural progression for both units was to become a new, stronger charity with a wider role and greater reach.

What do Celtic FC Foundation do?

Our priority is to to help those living in poverty through a range of initiatives targeting hunger, employability, social inclusion and education. While faithful to the legacy and ethos of our Founders locally, we are open to respond to national and international crisis, reflecting the outlook of supporters and the Club.

The purpose of Celtic FC Foundation is Football For Good.

Our vision is to alleviate poverty through working with our communities, in line with the founding ethos of Celtic. We value employability, education and social inclusion as routes out of poverty. CFCF also retains an international focus, with a presence in the wider UK, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Where does Celtic FC Foundation work?

Our priority focus will support areas based on the need surrounding our home within the city of Glasgow in the first instance. Thereafter, our main geographical areas of support, in order of priority are:

1. The North and East of Glasgow

2. Greater Glasgow, Inverclyde and North Lanarkshire

3. Scotland, Ireland and the rest of the UK

4. Rest of the World, with an emphasis on Asia and Africa However, each project will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and we will always focus our attention where our efforts are best served, primarily supporting the geographical areas listed above.

How is the money raised?

We raise money in a variety of ways. We receive generous donations on a regular and one-off basis from a host of supporters and operate a number of fundraising events and activities throughout the year. These can include, but are not limited to; charity football matches, our Annual Sporting Dinner, match day bucket collections, international events, our Annual Christmas Appeal, and an overseas’ volunteer trip. A calendar of events can be found HERE

In addition to fundraising, we also raise money by applying to a variety of grant making trusts and funders who support our project delivery.

Does the Football Club make money out of Celtic FC Foundation events or projects?

Absolutely not. We are a registered charity (SCIO) in our own right (SC024648) and the proceeds of all monies raised and awarded to us support our own charitable activities.

Celtic Football Club generously support all the efforts of Celtic FC Foundation financially and in kind.

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways you can support Celtic FC Foundation; from signing up to a regular monthly contribution to getting involved in a fundraising event or working in partnership with us on our community projects. Click here for more ways to get involved.

How can I get a signed shirt or raffle item for my charity event?

Requests for raffle and auction items should be made via the PR department of the Football Club here:

Requests should be made at least six weeks prior to your fundraising event in order to receive a response on time. If you are raising funds on behalf of a registered charity, you will be required to supply a letter of authorisation from the charity confirming the details of your event together with a postal address to respond to, for your request to be considered.

How do I arrange my own charity bucket collection at Celtic Park?

We receive a huge number of requests to undertake fundraising activities within the perimeter of Celtic Park but, in order to satisfy all such appeals, regular collections would be required. As this would be unfair to impose such weekly demands on our supporters, we cannot offer this facility. Therefore, the only match-day collections within the stadium are official Celtic FC Foundation initiatives, which are linked to our Annual Christmas Appeal in December and our Badge day in May.

However, you may also want to explore the possibility of holding a collection outside the perimeter of the stadium by contacting the Licensing Department at Glasgow City Council.