Supporters’ Clubs

The Celtic Family stretches over land and sea with a global reach which is insurmountable. 

Celtic Football Club is a Club open to all and a Club supported by many. Regardless of where you are in the world, there is always a chance that you might encounter someone sporting the famous green and white hoops.

The Club’s global popularity is evident from the sheer volume of its supporter base, with hundreds of faithful Celtic Supporters’ Clubs, throughout the world.

Celtic FC Foundation are proud to be associated with a host of CSCs across the globe and we have been truly humbled by the phenomenal support which we have received over the years.

There are a number of ways for CSCs to get involved and help raise funds in support of Celtic FC Foundation.

Supporters’ Clubs can organise their own fundraising event, register members to take part in one of our many fundraising events or even encourage members to Champion our Walfrid’s Wish regular giving initiative.

If you are part of a Celtic Supporters’ Club, committee or association and would like to get involved by raising money or awareness of Celtic FC Foundation, please email [email protected] and we’d be delighted to talk through your ideas.

The 67 Kitchens project

As part of the Lions’ Legacy campaign, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Celtic’s momentous achievement in Lisbon on May 25, 1967, Celtic FC Foundation undertook a joint venture with Mary’s Meals to build 67 Kitchens in the developing world, where extreme poverty is claiming lives every day. This has seen the successful completion of 47 kitchens in Malawi and 20 in Zambia.

In keeping with Mary’s Meals’ successful model, the 67 Kitchens are located in school grounds, to encourage learning and increase opportunities. The aim is that every child gets one daily meal at school, where they receive an education that can, in the future, be their ladder out of poverty. The 67 Kitchens are now fully operational, with 45,000 children fed daily through these kitchens.

Through the continuation of the Lions’ Legacy campaign, we offered CSCs and individual donors the opportunity to contribute towards the feeding and maintenance costs involved, by sponsoring a kitchen. The response has been truly overwhelming and all of the 67 Kitchens have now been sponsored, with each facility now proudly displaying the naming banner of its founding CSC or donor.

We are currently exploring opportunities for sponsors to continue engagement with their respective kitchens.

Photos of each of our kitchens can be found here