Supporters return for Celtic FC Foundation at Great Scottish Run

THIS year’s Great Scottish Run will take place across the weekend of Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1, and we’re encouraging supporters to get involved and raise funds to help support the work of Celtic FC Foundation.

Among those to have signed up to take part in this year’s run are a number of returning supporters who’ve taken part on behalf of Celtic FC Foundation in the past.

Hoops fans Gordon Donaldson, Robert Doherty and Andrew Reilly will all be taking part in the 10K, while Patrick Scott will be tacking the half-marathon. They spoke to the official Celtic website as they prepare to get running for the Foundation once again.

Gordon said: “I first ran for Celtic FC Foundation back in 2012. I’d run in the 10K a couple of times before but when I saw the chance to do it for the Foundation I thought it was a great idea. Since then I’ve ran for Celtic FC Foundation every year apart from the last one, but when I the opportunity arose to do so again this year, I signed up there and then.

“The Great Scottish Run is a fantastic event, I love the atmosphere and when you’ve got the Celtic FC Foundation T-shirt on, there’s always someone in the crowd who recognises you, and that gives you that extra surge needed at times.”

Robert said: “This will be my fifth run for Celtic FC Foundation. I first got involved as I had been approaching a big birthday so I decided to do something special to mark it and the Great Scottish Run 10K seemed the perfect way to do so.  

“I had seen people blogging and posting about Celtic FC Foundation and the great work that they do so I decided this was a great opportunity to for me to do some fundraising to help out, and I’m delighted to have done it. It seems like the Foundation is continuing to flourish. It’s a great part of the club and I’m very happy to do my bit.”

Andrew said: “I had previously been involved in a charity walk. Unfortunately I was unable to do the full walk so I helped out with the support team but that sparked my interest in doing something like that. Then I saw the opportunity to do a 10K for Celtic FC Foundation which was a distance that really suited me and it gave me the opportunity to do something to support the Foundation. I’m not one for cycling and I didn’t fancy anything like an abseil so the Great Scottish Run gives me the chance to do my bit and help out.”

Patrick said: “I think the fantastic thing about Celtic FC Foundation is that they put focus on a variety of areas, prioritising Health, Equality, Learning and Poverty, it really is a charity for all. I could relate to the different themes that the Foundation supports and that really inspired me to do something to show my support.”

Training is going well and our runners are all keen to complete their respective races in the best times possible. 

Andrew said: “I’ll be building up my training as much as possible over the coming weeks to help me get ready. For me, knowing that I’m raising funds for Celtic FC Foundation is great motivation on the day. I don’t have any particular time in mind; I’m just aiming to get through it in the best time I possibly can.”

Patrick added: “Training is going well. The crowd and the adrenaline on the day really help me get through it. My best half-marathon time is two hours and twenty four minutes, so if I could beat that it would be great but I’ll be happy with anything around two and a half hours.”

Gordon added: “I try to run all year round as much as I possibly can. Since I got into it I’ve never really looked back and I just want to keep on running for as long as I’m able to. I’m keen to beat fifty minutes as I’ve never broken that time before, so if I could do that I’d be delighted.”

Robert said: “I’m aiming to hopefully complete the 10K in around 57 minutes, I’ll be happy as long as I’m under an hour. Training has been going well; I generally set myself a routine and try to stick with it as best as possible. It’s great to run for Celtic FC Foundation with the T-shirt on. When you’re out there there’s always points when someone will give you a cheer when you need that extra little push.”

The quartet were keen to highlight the generosity which they have received in the past and have done once again when fundraising for Celtic FC Foundation in the run-up to this year’s great Scottish Run.

Gordon said: “I’ve not pushed too much on the fundraising side yet but I’ll be doing more in the next few weeks. I’ve still to ask my family and work colleagues so I’ll definitely make the target. Once you explain to people the great work that Celtic FC Foundation does locally, nationally and internationally, they’re always keen to support you.”

Patrick added: “Fundraising has been going really well. I’d set myself the target of £125 but everyone I’ve asked has dug deep and been very generous, they always are.”

If you would like to support Celtic FC Foundation by taking part in the 2017 Great Scottish Run, please register online at and then contact us to receive your pack on 0141 551 4204 or [email protected]