Malawi Diary: Update Three

AFTER days of hard work, Friday saw three of the centres being painted by the volunteers out here in Malawi, finished! Colourful alphabets, numbers and animals now stand out brightly in the class rooms that on arrival were bare and dirty.

It was a satisfying moment for the teams as they celebrated by taking pictures and admiring their hard work.

The weekend however, didn’t bring any rest for the volunteers, as they headed out bright and early on Saturday morning to new centres to begin painting the base coats of the walls that they would be stencilling and painting over the next few days.

The journey to school in the mornings, for some volunteers is proving interesting… One of the schools is over an hour off the main road. It’s extremely bumpy, as the bus driver navigates his way over tiny bridges, through fields and streams!

A game of football broke out at lunch-time at one of the centres with children from far and wide joining in – bare foot of course.

Meanwhile, the guys building the latrine are doing a great job. After negotiating the price of bricks with locals, they’re building upwards out of the hole, until ground level.

Running water at the lodge has improved, so showers are not only now possible, but necessary (especially for the builders of the trip!)

Evenings have been spent sharing stories, pictures and videos from each of the different schools, over dinner provided at the lodge, often sitting in darkness as power cuts are extremely frequent.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day at the schools for the volunteers, and it�€™s set to be an emotional one. The warm heart of Africa has certainly been a warm and wonderful experience for the group of Celts.

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