Kevin’s on song with charity single for Celtic FC Foundation’s Appeal

CELTIC FC Foundation’s 2017 Christmas Appeal is now gathering momentum, and we’re delighted to confirm that Kevin Miles has released his charity single ‘Celtic, My Heart & My Soul’ and nominated the Appeal to benefit from the proceeds. It is now available to download.

The East Kilbride-based musician and lifelong Celtic fan spoke to us about the origins of the song and his excitement at playing a part in this year’s Christmas Appeal.

Kevin said: “The song is my attempt to describe how much of a privilege it has been, to be brought up as a part of the Celtic family. It takes you on a journey through the Club’s uninterrupted history and is dedicated to those individuals who live and breathe Celtic. The ones who bleed green, white and gold.

“My earliest memory of Celtic was being in my Gran and Pap’s watching VHS tapes about some of the Club’s greats, with my brother. I’d only maybe have been seven-years-old then, and my first match followed not long after.

“The link between Celtic and music probably came in the 1997/98 season, at the Coca Cola Cup final against Dundee United. After the game, they played Oasis – Roll With It, and every single Celtic fan belted it from the top of their lungs.  They could have played anything that day and it wouldn’t have mattered, because the euphoria was unreal.”

Kevin was previously a vocalist with Glasgow band Yashin for eight years and, due to touring commitments had been unable to attend games for a number of years. However, the group disbanded in 2016, which gave him an opportunity to rekindle his love for Celtic Park and Kevin has since renewed his season ticket along with his father and brother.

Kevin’s love for both Celtic and music has led to him writing the song ‘Celtic, My Heart & My Soul’ and he believes that dedicating the proceeds of its sales to Celtic FC Foundation’s Christmas Appeal provides the perfect opportunity for him to do his bit for the Foundation.