Foundation continues partnership with Glasgow NE Foodbank

CELTIC FC Foundation is delighted to announce a continuing partnership with Glasgow North East Foodbank, based at Calton Parkhead Parish Church.

It is a sobering thought to think that anyone of us can be one payslip away from our life being turned into utter chaos. That’s why, since our initial investment in 2013, from proceeds secured through the Stiliyan Petrov Charity Match, Celtic FC Foundation have been a great supporter of the Foodbank and their vision to be ‘more than a Foodbank’.

Developing and growing this partnership further, Celtic FC Foundation is proud to continue to support a service which provides critical help to those in need and which sits here on our doorstep and beyond and encompasses the very ethos of why our club was formed. 

The main ‘Hub’ based at Calton Parkhead Parish church not only supplies nutritionally-balanced emergency food parcels three days a week to those in crisis, but offers a much-needed cup of tea and a friendly face to talk to in times of turmoil and confusion. These services also extend to a further five units including:

– Bridgeton, St Francis in the East

– Sandyhills Parish Church

– Shettleston Old Parish Church

– St Enoch’s Hogganfield Parish Church

– Blairtummock Community Hall

Celtic FC Foundation Chief Executive, Tony Hamilton, said: “We are delighted to have reached agreement on a partnership with the Glasgow North East Foodbank.

“This is the right thing for us to do and it’s the right thing, too, for many people who rely on this service across the north and east of Glasgow.

“Between what happens at the Foodbank and what happens around tackling poverty through Celtic FC Foundation’s various initiatives and projects, there’s a lot of common ground and there’s a lot more we can do together in the coming two years.”

Rev. Alison Davidge of Calton Parkhead Parish Church and a member of the Board of Trustees of North East Glasgow Foodbank said: “When North East Foodbank started up, Celtic FC Foundation immediately came forward to provide us with a donation towards funding the position of a much-needed full-time co-ordinator.

“This generous support from the Foundation has allowed us to develop an integrated ‘More than a Foodbank’ service through our hub at Calton Parkhead Parish Church and our branches throughout the North East of Glasgow.

“We aim to offer relief through emergency food parcels, but also longer-term support by working with other agencies. Many of those who have needed help in the past are now helping others in return.

“By providing new funding, Celtic FC Foundation has made a further commitment to working in partnership with us, enabling our community to work together in a common cause. With the generous and committed support of Celtic FC Foundation, we are able to say ‘you don’t have to stand by on the other side. Cross the road, come in and help for the good of us all’.

“From the thousands you have helped and will continue to help, a heartfelt thank you to Celtic FC Foundation. The hard road already travelled would have been much harder without you.”

Celtic FC Foundation is delighted to continue to invest into the roots of our community and we are very grateful to those who have supported us financially to allow us to continue work such as this.

Further information on how to get support from the Foodbank can be found HERE 
by calling +44 7745 242738 or by emailing [email protected]    

Further information on Celtic FC Foundation can be found here:
by calling +44 141 551 4321 or by emailing: [email protected]  

Glasgow North East Foodbank is a registered SCIO number SC045255

Calton Parkhead Parish Church of Scotland is a charity registered in Scotland number SC006958

Celtic FC Foundation is a registered SCIO number SC024648