Foundation celebrates 130 years of Brother Walfrid’s Legacy

TO celebrate the 130th anniversary of our Founding Father’s legacy, Celtic FC Foundation were delighted to welcome around 200 guests from the following charitable bodies to our dinner table in the Kerrydale Suite to enjoy a hot buffet lunch.

Elpis Centre, Glasgow City Mission, Glasgow Night Shelter, Glasgow North East Foodbank, Lodging House Mission, Loaves and Fishes, Phoenix Futures, Salvation Army, Scottish Refugee Council, Simon Community Scotland, Turning Point Scotland, The Arch Project, The Invisibles, The Marie Trust, Quarriers, Wayside Club Centre

As part of our continued work focusing on poverty and homelessness, we are delighted to announce today that we will be running a pilot project here at Celtic Park, aimed at the homeless community, which will initially run for five weeks with 10 participants.

The project will address gaps in provision around homelessness care and focus on the needs of service users. As such, content will include information workshops around computer literacy, welfare rights and substance abuse.

At its core, however, this initiative will be participant-led, prioritising the views and experiences of the client group to improve any future project delivery

Acting as a referral partner, local homelessness charity, The Invisibles, who were in attendance today, will advise on suitable participants for the pilot phase. Going forward, the referral process – and the scope of delivery – will be extended to encompass a multitude of relevant homelessness organisations and charities.

Also, in keeping with our charitable heritage on this special day, we are also proud to highlight two 2017 Christmas Appeal initiatives as we celebrate the conclusion of the Hail Hail Trail and welcome those taking part in the Founding Fathers’ Fast.   

Our new Hail Hail Trail virtual walking initiative has seen almost 60 supporters walk a total of 130 miles each and raise a minimum of £130 for our Christmas Appeal. The 130-mile Trail also celebrated the four trebles achieved in Celtic’s history, with key milestones highlighted along the way.

Through today’s Founding Fathers’ Fast we are asking members of the Celtic Family to fast for the day in honour of our charitable heritage and donate what they would have spent on food – a suggested £5 each – to our Christmas Appeal.

Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: “Today is a very special day in our history as we mark 130 years since Celtic’s formation. Throughout this time, the Club has been characterised by charity and a strong social ethos, something which I am delighted remains such an integral part of Celtic today.

“We were delighted today to welcome our guests to Celtic Park, people who just need some help and people who are most deserving of the support we can give them.

“I am sure the anniversary Mass at St Mary’s tonight, to recognise and celebrate the formation of the club, will again be a poignant event and one where we will give thanks to those who worked so hard and with such vision to establish our great Club.  

“From those early days of our formation, Celtic has always had charity at its core. It has defined Celtic throughout the last 130 years and it is something which has made Celtic a Club like no other. I am sure the service, fittingly, at the parish at which Celtic were founded, will again be an important opportunity for so many supporters to celebrate our origins.”  

Celtic FC Foundation Chief Executive, Tony Hamilton added: “It is a fitting tribute on this day to continue the legacy of our Founding Father, Brother Walfrid, by celebrating the Club’s 130th anniversary with a community lunch – providing a hot meal for those who are homeless, or for those who could just benefit from a hot meal.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the charities in attendance for helping us bring our guests to the lunch. We rely on these existing and long-standing relationships to enable us to help those in our community where we can, and I was humbled to see so many people come along today.”