Dreams and songs to sing… in celebration of Stevie Chalmers

THE man who scored the most important goal in Scottish football history is to be honoured in a special way.

Celtic FC Foundation School Music Programme at St Roch’s, Glasgow, will be named in honour of Stevie Chalmers in this 50th anniversary year of the European Cup final triumph at Lisbon, where the  Hoops forward scored the winning goal against Inter Milan.  

The programme, started five years ago, now extends to 22 schools. An initial investment of £20,000 will be made and the initiative will extend to the primary schools associated with St Roch’s.

Stevie and his wife, Sadie, both attended St Roch’s and his son, Paul, said: “He enjoys music so much and his mother’s side is very musical, indeed his aunt is a keen violinist. It is a wonderful legacy and the family is so pleased that it is at St Roch’s. My father would always point out to us that was where he went to school when we passed it in the car.”

A statement from the family said: “We were sad that his health did not allow Stevie to attend any of the 50th anniversary celebrations. He would very much have enjoyed being back amongst his old team-mates.

“Our family was really happy to have been approached by the Foundation about this. Although football has obviously been a major force in our family, Stevie was also a great believer in the arts and encouraging young people to express themselves and grow a certain type of modest confidence.

“The family wishes all the young people who will benefit from this programme well and look forward to hearing the success stories which will follow. We are delighted that Stevie Chalmers is still very much in the hearts of everyone associated with Celtic.”

Tony Hamilton, chief executive of Celtic FC Foundation, added: “We are really pleased to be announcing this new school music programme at St Roch’s . The Foundation thanks Stevie and the Chalmers family for allowing us and the school the honour of being able to name the programme after him.”