Celtic supports Poppyscotland learning initiative

AS we approach a weekend of Remembrance, Celtic is pleased to announce that it has once again made another substantial contribution to the work of Poppyscotland – and for the seventh consecutive year will be supporting the charity with a donation of £10,000.

The donation will help fund a new educational initiative, The Moving Poppy, planned as a free-to-access mobile unit, comprising a mini poppy factory, micro-museum and learning facility.

Scheduled to tour Scotland from late 2018, it is conceived as a unique legacy to commemorate the end of the First World War, and the on-going importance of Remembrance. Thereafter, it will focus on the impact of more recent conflicts.

The unit will concentrate on delivering learning and community-based activity, along with volunteer recruitment and welfare advice and signposting, to remote communities out with the Central Belt, with a particular focus on the Borders, the Highlands and Islands, disadvantaged areas and BEM/interfaith communities.

It will offer equality of access to all Poppyscotland’s services no matter where in Scotland individuals are based, and with an estimated 120 annual schools’ visits and 50,000 visitors, will increase awareness and understanding of the charity’s work.  

As Poppyscotland has stated, it is critical to educate current and future generations about the cost of war and the ongoing need for the nation to remember and recognise the sacrifices it entails in the hope that contributes towards a more peaceful future.

Poppyscotland has already invested in well-regarded learning initiatives, including Sowing the Poppy Seed, Poppyscotland’s dedicated online learning resource, (  Celtic has already been a supporter of this work.  

It is estimated that The Moving Poppy will visit around 150 schools annually, so providing an enhanced learning experience to an additional 9,000 pupils.

The project will be welcoming and inclusive, aiming to attract and accommodate any visitor regardless of age, background, gender, religion, politics, sexual orientation, race, educational attainment or disability.

The vehicle will be designed to ensure anyone with a disability will have equal access to all resources. Information will be presented and interpreted in several ways to accommodate different abilities, including those with Special Educational Needs and will provide lifelong learning opportunities.

The Moving Poppy will provide a valuable teaching resource for schools, allowing students an insight into the impact of 100 years of conflict since the end of the Great War and how we are still affected by these conflicts today.

It will provide an accessible way to make the need for Remembrance more relevant to a new generation of pupils and will help develop pupils’ capacity for empathy and good citizenship.

The unit will provide a high-quality educational experience to remote areas of Scotland not well served by such resources, offering equality of access to all, no matter where in the country they are based.

Although predominantly targeted at schools, the unit will also provide the opportunity for lifelong learning for all ages through visits to large community events.

This will provide visitors with a basic knowledge and understanding of the impact of conflict through the words and experiences of those who were there, perhaps challenging opinions they may have previously held.

Gordon Michie, Poppyscotland’s Head of Fundraising, said: “As we approach 100 years since the end of the First World War, Poppyscotland has ambitious plans to redevelop our Learning programme, Sowing the Poppy Seed.

“The Celtic FC Foundation has been a long-standing supporter of Poppyscotland, and in particular our education work. This further, significant contribution will enable us to reach more young people in new and innovative ways.  Our grateful thanks go to the Celtic FC Foundation for their continued support.”

Tony Hamilton, Chief Executive of Celtic FC Foundation added: “We are delighted once again to support the important educational work of Poppyscotland.   

“The Moving Poppy project will commemorate the end of the First World War and will fittingly educate young people on the cost of conflict, with a view to promoting a more peaceful future.

“This Remembrance Sunday we remember all those who died in that war, a conflict which claimed the lives of over 16million people. It was a conflict which affected individuals, families, communities and organisations in every country caught up in the war, and Celtic Football Club was no different.  

“As the world was plunged into war in 1914, all aspects of life changed and the Great War was to have its effect on Celtic and a number of its players.

“As we remember them and all fallen in all conflicts, we are pleased to continue our support of Poppyscotland through this excellent initiative.” 

Pictured above are Patrick Roberts and Callum McGregor with Moving Poppy Outreach Project Officer, Dr Derek Patrick