CELTIC FC Foundation is delighted to announce its membership of the prestigious European Football for Development Network (EFDN).

A network of professional football clubs committed to their communities, EFDN promotes knowledge, experience and best practice sharing on a European level to enhance quality and efficiency of social responsibility projects in football.

In partnering with EFDN, Celtic FC Foundation will pool resources, maintain dialogue and collaborate with 54 member clubs from across the continent. Spanning 22 European countries, the Foundation’s EFDN membership will boast a range of opportunities including exchange programmes, international conferences and the development of European community initiatives between member clubs.     

On the announcement, Celtic FC Foundation Chief Executive, Tony Hamilton, said: “Remaining at the forefront of community affairs in European football is a key priority for the Foundation. We never standstill, and in order to progress, it’s crucial that we look outward and connect with like-minded organisations operating in a similar space. 

“I’m certain Celtic FC Foundation’s membership will prove to be beneficial and we look forward to enjoying a successful relationship with EFDN and all associated clubs.”   

Celtic FC Foundation’s EFDN profile can be viewed HERE.