Celtic FC Foundation Malawi Diary: Update One

The 10-day work placements in Blantyre will be provided by Mary’s Meals and involve the renovation of six of their Under-6 centres, assistance with the feeding programme, and the construction and installation of a double pit latrine at one of the facilities which currently has no sanitation.

Among the volunteers is our Celtic TV crew and Summer Harl will be sending back regular updates for the Celtic website.

Here is the first of Summer’s Malawi Diary pieces.

WE left Celtic Park at 8am last Sunday and arrived in Blantyre, Malawi at 4pm on Monday – no fewer than three flights later!

Despite the long day (or two) of travelling, it was an early start of 6:45am for our group on Tuesday, as we visited two of the schools that Mary’s Meals provide food for.

The volunteers were given an overwhelming welcome, as in the true spirit of the warm heart of Africa, the children and staff sang songs, danced and waved.

In return, the volunteers offered up a special rendition of The Celtic Song and organised a football kickabout with some of the boys.

It was off to Mary’s Meal’s HQ in the afternoon where the team were briefed on the Under-6 centres that they’ll be working at, and given a small taste of home, with tea and biscuits provided!

Divided into three teams, the volunteers headed to their schools for the first time today (Wednesday). Supplies soon arrived and the volunteers got to work.

Three tradesmen began to build the latrine and it quickly became a team effort as locals and kids gathered to help, fetching water from the nearby river, to mix the cement.

Other volunteers began painting the classroom walls at their designated schools.

All of the materials being used have been purchased with the money raised by the volunteers.

The sun is shining, spirits are high and the happiness of the people of Malawi is infectious!

So, as we say in Malawi, Zikomo! That’s thank you!