Celtic FC Foundation launch Ability Counts Donegal

CELTIC FC Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of Ability Counts Donegal, in partnership with Down Syndrome Ireland and Donegal Down Syndrome.

Launched last Saturday, January 5, at the Aura Leisure Centre in Letterkenny, this project builds on the success of Ability Counts Ireland, which was established last year in Dublin. Alongside partners from Down Syndrome Ireland and Donegal Down Syndrome, this initiative incorporates elements from existing Ability Counts initiatives, focusing on multi-sport play and personal development.

Funding for this initiative has been made possible through proceeds from Celtic FC Foundation’s 2018 fundraising event, One Night in Donegal with Brendan Rodgers, organised in partnership with the Association of Donegal Celtic Supporters’ Clubs.

Ability Counts Donegal will take place every Saturday at the Aura Leisure Centre, with two intakes scheduled per day and comprising morning (10am-12pm) and afternoon (1-3pm) delivery sessions. Partnering on this project, Donegal Down Syndrome (a subsidiary of Down Syndrome Ireland) provide a range of support services to individuals and families with Down’s Syndrome in the local community.  

On the launch of Ability Counts Donegal, Gary Owens, Down Syndrome Ireland CEO, said: “We are once again delighted to partner with Celtic FC Foundation on another hugely significant disability sports initiative in Ireland. The Ability Counts model is inclusive and forward-thinking, effectively aiding motor skills and assisting social development in young people – making a real difference to them and their families.

“Already, we have seen positive outcomes from the recently-launched Dublin initiative, and for this iteration, we have an opportunity to build on our previous learning and deliver positive change for the Donegal community.”

Denis O’Donnell from the Association of Donegal Celtic Supporters’ Clubs, said: “We are enormously proud to be associated with Celtic FC Foundation and to be able to contribute to the excellent work that they do on behalf of supporters across the world.

“Last year’s event with Brendan Rodgers drew tremendous support from the local community and it’s inspiring to see Ability Counts Donegal come to fruition. I know this project will go a long way to help children and young people and we look forward to welcoming Celtic FC Foundation back to Donegal this coming March for One Night in Donegal with Scott Brown.”

Celtic FC Foundation Chief Executive, Tony Hamilton, added: “Ability Counts Donegal represents an important milestone for Celtic FC Foundation as we look to expand our delivery in Ireland – a key priority for our organisation.

“Complementing our existing strands in Glasgow and Dublin, Ability Counts Donegal will further enhance the Foundation’s core aim to help more people in more places, while strengthening our connections to an area that is synonymous with Celtic Football Club and its charitable arm.

“I’d also like to make a special mention to the Association of Donegal Celtic Supporters’ Clubs for their dedicated fundraising efforts and support in making all of this possible.”

If you’d like to hear more about Celtic FC Foundation’s Ability Counts Donegal project, please contact 0141 551 4321 or email [email protected]