Celtic FC Foundation events backed by Supporters’ Committee

SET up in November 2012, the Supporters’ Committee, promote and – more importantly – believe in the work of Celtic FC Foundation. They not only get behind all of our fundraising initiatives but also proactively propose and lead on a host of events. 

They are integral in the creation of our fundraising portfolio which is crucial as we place great significance on listening to the views and opinions of our supporters so that future offerings can be tailored to best meet them.

The members of the Committee have already been actively involved in a number of events from our 2013 and 2014 Ben Nevis Huddles to our charity Badge Day at Celtic Park in May last year, including the Cardenden Cycle.

They are currently supporting our ‘Zip Slide in Paradise event’, which takes place on March 28 this year and working hard on an inaugural Golf Day, details of which will be announced soon.

Celtic FC Foundation CEO, Tony Hamilton, said: “The Supporters’ Committee have added a new dimension to the work of the Foundation and enhanced our links with the Celtic Family.  They regularly give up their time to support our fundraising activities and I commend their efforts.

“The ideas, input, commitment, enthusiasm, passion and hard work shown by all members of the Committee have been invaluable to us and I thank them for their phenomenal support.”

The members of Celtic FC Foundation Supporters’ Committee are: Mark Cameron, Paul Brennan, Iain McGovern, Jim McGinley and Brian Gilmour.

Mark Cameron said: “The aim of the Supporters’ Committee is to encourage supporters to get involved with fundraising projects in 2015. We have already had great success with projects this year and we want to engage all sections of the Celtic fan base to take an interest in the wonderful work of the Foundation.”

“Throughout the coming months, we will be looking for volunteers to fundraise for all types of events, including events that fans can organise themselves. We will also be looking for volunteers to help us deliver the fundraising projects.”

“It’s going to be an exciting time ahead for Celtic FC Foundation and we want to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to play their part in ensuring the charitable origins of our club are even stronger going forward.”

To contact the Supporters’ Committee, please email [email protected]