Celtic FC Foundation backing Marathon Man Matthew

On Sunday, May 29, a host of runners descended on the nation’s capital as the 2016 Edinburgh Marathon got underway – and one man in particular had Celtic FC Foundation’s full ‘backing’.

Long-time supporter of Celtic FC Foundation, Matthew Traynor, is regularly involved in fundraising events for the Club’s charitable arm, participating annually in the Great Scottish Run 10K and half-marathon over the years. However, this time around, he went the full distance as he ran 26 miles to raise funds for Celtic FC Foundation.

A gruelling examination of physical and mental resilience, completing a marathon marks an extraordinary feat, sternly testing self-discipline and human endurance.

Matthew spoke to the official Celtic website before the run last Sunday to discuss his personal motivations for running and why he was keen to take on the challenge.

Matthew said: “From my early twenties, I’ve always kept reasonably fit and having got into the habit of running for the Foundation, I thought it was time to really push myself.

“I started off doing the 10K a few years ago and that progressed into a 13 mile half-marathon. Both distances were great, however, having now set myself the goal of 26 miles, I feel really determined.”

During the run, Matthew displayed Celtic FC Foundation’s logo on his back, and he discussed how he would draw great inspiration from the work and ethos of a charity that is very close to his heart.

He said: “As someone who works locally in the north-east of Glasgow, I have a lot of affection for this part of the city.

“I know first-hand the vital work that Celtic FC Foundation do in local communities for impoverished and deserving groups who need a little help.

“I’ll carry all of that with me into the run, and I’ll be proud to wear the Foundation’s logo on my back on May 29.”

If you’re interested in participating in running events for Celtic FC Foundation, please email [email protected] or call 0141 551 4291

If you would like to support Matthew’s marathon on behalf of Celtic FC Foundation, you can donate here