Celtic continue to develop Bosnian connections

A CHARITY from Mother´s Village in Bosnia-Hertzegovina has thanked Celtic for their donations of football kit by presenting the club with a hand-made mosaic.�

Celtic provided both the orphanage and Drugs & Rehabilitation Centre with strips in 2009 and again in 2011. And as a way of commemorating their kindness, the adults from the rehab group completed the artwork as a sign of their gratitude.�

Niall Loakman, an ambassador for the organisation in Medjugorje, brought the mosaic to Celtic Park today, (Friday), and was delighted to repay the club for their goodwill.�

‘At first I thought ´How do you help an orphanage?´ but they´re always looking for clothes and Celtic made a big difference in that respect,’ the Hoops fan from Dublin told the official Celtic website.

‘In turn they are broadening the children´s knowledge of football and Scotland at the same time. This was all about giving something back to Celtic and saying thank you.

‘Their involvement has made everyone there Celtic supporters so it has certainly raised the profile of the club. Everyone, from the kids right up to the adults are always wearing their Celtic strips.

‘Everyone in the village will be so encouraged to know the club now has their mosaic.’

Celtic hope to assist once again in the future and as Niall explained the background to the charity, he explained what difference further involvement will make to everyone there.

‘It all originated from a charity called St Joseph and the Helpers,’ he continued. ‘It was organised by a friend of mine from Ireland who lived in Glasgow and he started that about 13 years ago.�

‘His purpose was, having visited Medjugorje, to register a charity in Ireland, Britain and America to support the Mother´s Village financially, and other projects around that area.

‘I was out six years ago, and then we asked Celtic to help out for the second visit. I´ve been three times now and the visits really encouraged me to get involved and make a difference.�

‘I have a strong connection with Celtic and it´s been great to get them involved with Mother´s Village. This is helping to raise the awareness of all of the children there, and they will now be Celtic supporters for life.’