Captain: Yorkhill visit is always a special one for the players

SCOTT Brown believes that Celtic’s annual trip to Yorkhill Children’s Hospital helps put football in perspective at this time of year.

The Celtic captain led a group of players around the wards at the Glasgow hospital, handing out a selection of Celtic-themed gifts to youngsters of all ages, and he says that it’s an event that the players always look forward to.

He said: “It means a lot to us, to come along and see the kids and hopefully put a smile on their faces. Even though they’re aren’t all Celtic fans, it’s good to see them and have a little bit of craic with them.

“There are lots of kids who unfortunately aren’t well just now, so for us to come along for a wee bit and hopefully make them smile, it makes our day too, and coming to Yorkhill puts everything into perspective.”

As part of the visit, the players also presented a £3,000 cheque to the Hospital as part of Celtic FC Foundation’s Christmas Appeal. The donation will be used to support the good work of the hospital staff that continues all year round.

And, having met with a host of Celtic supporters who will unfortunately be spending Christmas in hospital, the Celtic skipper also had the chance to meet a young boy who is a fan of another Glasgow team.

He said: “I met wee Ryan and he’s been following me about telling me how much he supports Rangers, although I gave him a nice Celtic bag with some presents in it so maybe he might put a Celtic strip on later!”