Willie Grieve

Wullie Grieve is 60 years old and was diagnosed with dementia four years ago.

Before dementia, he had worked all his life.

He loved following his team, the great Celtic, he also enjoyed playing Golf at home and abroad. He’s able to count on a great circle of friends that he’s had since his school days.

Dementia means he can no longer work – or do the things he used to enjoy.

But his life changed when he found out there was a dementia club in paradise called Lions Lunch Breaks.

The first couple of weeks he was quite withdrawn but the Foundation coaches helped him, making sure he was involved – he talks away now and he’s made so many new friends.

Monday is his favourite day of the week. He talks about it all the time and he gets his Celtic top on before every session.

Now, the suicidal thoughts have gone and Willie said to his wife recently: “You know, Celtic saved me. I feel at home when I’m in Paradise.”