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    Celtic FC Foundation’s Ability Counts project was initially developed, in consultation with Down’s Syndrome Scotland, in 2010 and launched in February, 2011.

    Ability Counts is grounded on a simple model of inclusivity, companionship and most importantly, fun.

    Through physical activity, sport and team-based play, our sessions allow participants a sense of freedom, affording them opportunities to express their feelings in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

    Initially engaging young people with Down’s Syndrome, the project’s range of delivery has steadily evolved over the years.

    Expanding in 2015 to include those living with Autism, this growth continued in 2017 with the introduction of Ability Counts 18+, which provides a pathway for participants and others of adult age to learn skills around employability and mature learning.

    A cherished branch of the Celtic Family, Ability Counts makes a profound and lasting difference to the lives of many individuals and families.

    The strength of our work is underlined in the enduring relationships and trust that we have built over the years – families believe in our ethos, methods and people.

    2018 saw yet another first for the project, as Celtic FC Foundation established Ability Counts Ireland in Dublin.

    Alongside partners from Down Syndrome Ireland, this initiative incorporates elements from previous strands, focusing on multi-sport play and personal development.

    The Foundation’s presence in Ireland continues to grow in 2019, with January marking the launch of Ability Counts Donegal.

    Alongside partners from Down Syndrome Ireland and Donegal Down Syndrome, this strand targets aids motor skills and assists social development in children and young people – making a real difference to them, their families and the local community.