Walfrid’s Wish: Foodbank project was the first step for Foundation project participant

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck Scotland in March 2020, Celtic FC Foundation reacted immediately with the introduction of the Football for Good Fund (FFGF), to support those most affected by the crisis. 

To date, the FFGF has helped thousands of the most vulnerable, through the provision of food and essentials, assistance to tackle fuel poverty and support to combat loneliness and isolation and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

Regular donations via our monthly giving initiative, Walfrid’s Wish, have been crucial during this period and in keeping with our founding father’s vision, funds received through Walfrid’s Wish have been devoted to those most in need, through the FFGF. 

One such initiative which has benefited from your support has been our COVID-19 Foodbank Project, which was formed in April 2020, in partnership with Glasgow North East Foodbank.

Since then, the project has helped to feed 836 adults and 567 children (total 1,403), equating to almost 29,000 meals and a total of 17,557kg of food provided so far.

Among the thousands of individuals who have benefited from the project, a number have since gone onto engage further with Celtic FC Foundation. 

One of whom (who has asked to remain anonymous) has gone on to participate in our Gateway to Health and Opportunity (GHO) project. 

Speaking of the support received, initially via the Foodbank project and latterly, GHO, she said: “Things have been very tough for myself and my family during the pandemic. Circumstances changed and I no longer had the income I would usually have had.

“I didn’t have money to feed my sons and I was referred to Glasgow North East Foodbank. Thankfully, through the COVID-19 Project with the Foundation, they were able to provide food parcels, every week for three months. And it wasn’t just a couple of bags, it was bags upon bags of food and essentials to keep us going week to week. 

“This was so important for us, if we didn’t have that access to food then I don’t know where our meals would have come from. I never thought I’d be in a position where I’d need support from a foodbank and I was really quite embarrassed at having to ask for help but if it wasn’t for the Foundation and the foodbank then I genuinely don’t know what I’d have done.”

Having engaged with her for a number of months, the team at Glasgow North East Foodbank felt that she may be able to further benefit from the Foundation’s support and highlighted the GHO project.

Engaging participants from various backgrounds, this 10-week project encompasses individuals suffering addiction problems or homelessness, as well as those experiencing mental health issues or physical impairment.

Moreover, GHO particularly addresses those who face barriers to employment due to health-related reasons, as well as others who have recognised the need for a change in lifestyle.

She added: “One of the members of staff at the foodbank mentioned the Foundation’s projects and how they might be able to help me. My self-esteem and confidence was very low and I suffered with issues with my mental health. At first, I didn’t think it was for me, as it involved meeting new people which was a real struggle. But I then thought I’ll give it a go and see how I get on.

“Initially, it was done over Zoom for the 10 weeks, where we’d have general conversations to build relationships and also do some exercise. I then joined the project once we were able to meet up in person and it’s really made a huge difference to my confidence. Before that, there were points where I didn’t even feel like I could step outside my own front door and now I’m coming to the Foundation’s weekly drop-in service, where I’m continuing to meet new people and make new friendships. 

“Even all the activities that we’ve done on the project, I didn’t think I’d be able to do some of those things but the Foundation staff have been so encouraging and made me feel like I can get involved. I’ve now completed mental health first aid training and I’d never have thought I’d have achieved something like that.

“Prior to this I was very lonely and had no real relationships but now I’ve made friends who I continue to stay in touch with. Seeking support from the foodbank was really the first step and through their partnership with Celtic FC Foundation, it’s led to so much more for me. I’d really like to thank everyone at the Foundation for helping to get me to this point.”

Your support continues to be vital in helping us to provide assistance to so many recipients just like this, via our partnership with Glasgow North East Foodbank and many other organisations.

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