Supporter running 10k each day for a month to raise funds for Foundation

Lifelong Celtic fan, William Roberts has decided to get his running shoes on, on behalf of Celtic FC Foundation’s Football for Good Fund (FFGF), as he takes on the challenge of running 10K each day for a month.

Kicking off his challenge on Monday, February 1, William will complete his 10K distance every day throughout the entire month.

William, who is a member of the Peter Scarff Linwood CSC and is already a keen runner, spoke of his motivations for taking on the month-long challenge, saying: “I wanted to do as much as I could to help those less fortunate. I feel that in these times especially, those living in poverty must not be forgotten. We have to come together to help one another and if I can raise some money by running 10K every day for one month, I’ll be pleased.

“I’ve seen the great work that Celtic FC Foundation have been doing through the FFGF to provide help to those that need it most. However, with it becoming much harder now to raise awareness and funds due to the current pandemic, I felt it was important as a supporter to play a part in helping out where possible. Growing up in a poverty stricken area, I understand the need for charities like the Foundation and I am more than happy to do as much as I possibly can to help.

“Through the challenge, I’m aiming to raise awareness that people are struggling in Glasgow, as well as raise as much money as possible. Things have become even more difficult for those facing poverty and, with many people losing their jobs or unable to work due to COVID-19, people are now finding it harder to provide for their families. Many are also battling with mental health issues and everything right now seems like a complete worry.

“I understand that during this current climate not everyone will have the funds to share, but there are others living in poverty, not knowing if they will have just one meal a day, so any money that could be raised from this would be greatly appreciated. If I can just help to put food on someone’s plate then I’ll be happy.”

The cold winter weather certainly hasn’t put William off and he was quick to highlight the personal benefits of his challenge, adding: “I’m a keen runner and I find that it can be very therapeutic and good for my own mental health. With many of us in and out of lockdown it can be quite tough to keep your mind active and running really helps me with that. I’ve ran in all weather conditions and recently, I’ve been out in freezing temperatures but your body soon heats up once the adrenaline kicks in.

“In taking on this challenge I’ll be able to keep myself motivated, knowing that I will not only be helping to raise money but I will also be pushing myself to stay active.”

Funds raised by William will be devoted to our FFGF and you can support his efforts HERE.

Throughout the coming months, we aim to continue to ensure that support is available to the growing number of people affected by the ruthlessness of COVID-19.

Further details on the FFGF and how you can get involved, can be found HERE.