Football For Good Fund continuing to help those most in need

Celtic FC Foundation set up the Football For Good Fund last year in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and it has proved to be an important and invaluable vehicle to help those most in need during these unprecedented and extremely tough times.

To date, over £1million has been raised and is being used in a whole variety of ways to alleviate at least some of the difficulties people have faced and continue to face. This has included support for 36,000 families and individuals, 10,000 pensioners and 7,000 homeless people, as well as providing hot meals and drinks to frontline NHS staff.

That incredible total also included the annual Christmas Appeal, which raised £250,000 from Celtic supporters throughout the world, Celtic Football Club staff and the Celtic players, who all made an important contribution. And that money was used to help many individuals, families and organisations during the festive period.

The work of Celtic FC Foundation and its Football For Good Fund continues, and Celtic FC Foundation Chief Executive Tony Hamilton spoke to the official Celtic website, outlining the vital work that has already been done and will continue to be done in the weeks and months ahead, including a new NHS project and a Festival For Schools in Glasgow during Easter.