Celtic FC Foundation commit £400K to aid those in fuel crisis across Scotland

Celtic FC Foundation – the charitable arm of Celtic FC- is today announcing a £400,000 contribution to aid those in fuel crisis across Scotland.

Amid the cost-of-living crisis, the Foundation has moved to help support those most disadvantaged within our communities struggling to pay for domestic fuel.

Celtic FC Foundation has fully funded this initiative and will assign fuel vouchers worth £49 to around 6,200 households, helping approximately 17,000 individuals.

Working in partnership with the Fuel Bank Foundation, the UK’s only charity focused on specifically supporting people facing fuel crisis, this investment should alleviate the pressure for thousands of households in the coming months.

The Foundation staff at Celtic Park will be the initial point of contact for those seeking help and an additional 500 individuals will receive a winter warmer self-care pack to the value of £100.

These packs will be offered to existing Foundation programme participants living in poverty or relying on the state pension. They will also be distributed to the wider community, prioritising vulnerable, elderly people.

The winter warmer self-care packs will consist of items which will help individuals to cut energy usage through the colder months, such as a blanket, socks, hand warmers and a £30 food voucher as fridge running costs are lower when a fridge is full.

Celtic FC Foundation hopes this commitment can help ease the burden faced by many families across Scotland.

The Foundation is striving to help the most disadvantaged wards as identified in the Scottish Multiple Index of Deprivation. However, we welcome applications from anywhere in Scotland as long as the person is facing a demonstrable fuel crisis.

Both the Foundation and the club are committed to helping people stay warm and feed themselves this winter.

Celtic FC Foundation Chief Executive, Tony Hamilton, said: “Life is becoming increasingly difficult for many people in our communities, and we must do something to help alleviate that.

“Energy prices today are double what they were only a year ago and, although there’s some protection with the current price cap, that is set to rise again in April.

“The Foundation is in a position to help some people through this investment, and, although £400,000 is a big number for us, there are so many more individuals and families needing help that we just won’t reach.

“Thanks to our partners and those who have donated to get us to this point. There’s something truly special about those who support the Foundation and the club in this way – and we will never take that support for granted.”

Food and fuel poverty has been a cornerstone of Celtic FC Foundation activity since the early days of the Covid pandemic – and that support will continue in the coming months through this initiative.

Sadly, some people in the UK are today living without heat, light and power, often because they don’t have money to top up their prepayment meter.

Alongside the Fuel Bank Foundation, we are targeting those who use a prepayment meter to offer immediate help. These people are in a fuel crisis.

Matthew Cole, Head of the Fuel Bank Foundation said: “Fuel Bank is delighted to partner with Celtic FC Foundation to provide much-needed crisis energy support.

“Fuel Bank first developed the concept of providing crisis help to households who prepay for energy through a mix of emergency fuel vouchers and simple and easy-to-action advice, and since launch has helped over 650,000 people.  Without Fuel Bank help, households risk living without heat, light and power.

“And, with the generous support of Celtic FC Foundation, around 17,000 additional people will be helped this coming winter.  Now more than ever before  has the issue of fuel poverty been more relevant and, through this unique partnership, Celtic FC Foundation and Fuel Bank will come together to help families who otherwise would miss out.”

Applying for help is a straightforward online process, which helps us ensure the support goes to the people who need it most. To begin, and to read the FAQs, click HERE

We are anticipating a high response and we will endeavour to help as many households as possible, however, we recognise that demand will exceed resources.