Celtic FC Foundation celebrates 10 years

Celtic Football Club’s origins are unique in world football. The same dream that Brother Walfrid had in 1887 lives on today in the hearts of Celtic supporters in every corner of the globe.

The essence of Celtic will never change – a club open to all and here to help others within the wider community. This is our heritage and will be something which is with us forever.

And through our charitable work, this heritage lives on. It was ten years ago this very day, October 21, 2013, that Celtic FC Foundation was formed following the merger of the Celtic Charity Fund and the Celtic Foundation.

As the social principles, key priorities, aims and objectives of the Fund and the Foundation were so clearly aligned, it was agreed that the natural progression was for both units to merge and become a new, stronger Scottish Charity (SCIO) with a wider role and greater reach. This new entity was named Celtic FC Foundation.

The primary focus of Celtic FC Foundation has always been that of improving the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable people on our doorstep and further afield, regardless of gender, age, religion, race or ability

Celtic Charity Fund was established as a charitable trust in 1996 and has always been an integral part of Celtic Football Club, uniting the Celtic Family across the globe in collectively held values and beliefs.

The Celtic Foundation – a department of the football club – was established in 2006 to co-ordinate the club´s social, educational and community work under one umbrella.

Since 1996, the charitable arm has raised in excess of £35million to support those facing poverty and exclusion on a local, national and international basis.

Today, the Foundation’s ethos is typified by a determination to create opportunities for society’s most vulnerable and marginalised groups – principally, we address root causes of poverty by equipping individuals with the tools and means to reverse inequality.

We do this through the delivery of a series of key needs-led projects, which are funded through a number of grants and awards, together with a calendar of fundraising events and initiatives.

Charity is in our DNA, and the work of the Foundation isn’t achievable without the continuous backing from the Celtic support. Without people participating in our projects, volunteering at fundraisers, buying places at our dinners and events and investing their time, energy, and money in us we wouldn’t be able to help anyone.

Please don’t ever underestimate the difference you have made.