Celebrate World Down’s Syndrome Day with Celtic FC Foundation

TODAY, Thursday, March 21, marks the 14th annual World Down’s Syndrome Day. Part of World Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week, Celtic FC Foundation proudly supports this campaign to promote awareness and understanding of people living with Down’s Syndrome.

To recognise World Down’s Syndrome Day, the internationally co-ordinated campaign calls on individuals to show their support by wearing brightly-coloured odd socks – a nod to human chromosomes resembling socks and people with Down’s Syndrome having an extra chromosome!

As such, the Foundation is asking Celtic supporters all over the world to raise awareness of World Down’s Syndrome Day by sharing a photo of your odd socks with us, using the #WDSD19hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Celtic FC Foundation helps children, young people and adults living with Down’s Syndrome through our multi-award winning Ability Counts project. A cherished Foundation programme, Ability Counts makes a profound and lasting difference to the lives of many individuals and families.

Initially developed in 2010 alongside experts from Down’s Syndrome Scotland, Ability Counts is grounded on a simple model of inclusivity, companionship and most importantly, fun. Through physical activity, sport and team-based play, our sessions allow participants a sense of freedom, affording them opportunities to express their feelings in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

In 2018, there was another first for the project as Celtic FC Foundation established Ability Counts Ireland in Dublin. Alongside partners from Down Syndrome Ireland, this initiative incorporates elements from previous strands, focusing on multi-sport play and personal development.

This momentum continued into this year, with Celtic FC Foundation launching Ability Counts Donegal, in partnership with Down Syndrome Ireland and Donegal Down Syndrome. Helping children and young people living with Down’s Syndrome in the heart of the Donegal community, this strand aids motor skills and assists social development in participants – making a real difference to them and their families.

Separately, Celtic FC Foundation is also backing Down’s Syndrome Scotland’s ‘Mind Your Language’ campaign, asking people to recognise that words matter and be conscious of negative or inappropriate language towards people with Down’s Syndrome.

You can view the campaign video HERE

If you would like more information on Ability Counts, please contact [email protected]