Dr. Joseph Bradley: Celtic Minded 5- Essays on Celtic Football Culture and Identities

Celtic FC Foundation is surely one of the greatest features of this Football Club. A charity that is not motivated by corporate initiatives or visions.  After all, and most uniquely for successful elite soccer clubs across the globe, the very foundation of Celtic is CHARITY.  This is why this football club was created.  This comprises the very core of the Club’s DNA and provides a motivating impulse that runs through the veins of both the historic as well as modern club and its support. Success on the park provides a rationale and assists motivate generations of supporters: this is sport after all, this is what it is like for many successful football clubs in Britain and across the globe. However, such football characteristics do not define this Club, or its six or seven generations of fans. 

It is in such a context that the Celtic Minded series of books has been on a journey: to explore and discover the meaningfulness of this Football Club to its supporting community. Celtic Minded is also about how supporters articulate their own club – to themselves, as well as to others?  

‘Keep the Faith’ is the cry.   What did this mean to Brother Walfrid, John Glass, Willie Maley, Jimmy McGrory and the hundreds of thousands who have stood faithfully on the terraces and sat in the Stands of Celtic Park since the founding of the Club? That is, the people, the vast majority of whom are the past relations of those that stand and sit today at the modern Celtic Park: the inter-generational Celtic support.

Continuing the good work of Celtic Minded, and Celtic Minded 2, 3 and 4, Celtic Minded 5 continues the journey of exploring and reflecting Celtic Mindedness.  The series has involved contributors from Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, Canada and the USA. From, academics, former players, musicians, journalists, politicians, religious, and many others from various walks of life. 

The contributors to the Celtic Minded books have written in a way that few have been able or willing to do in the past. They have challenged many of the stereotypes and prejudices embedded in Scottish football and society. The writers that contribute to this new number 5 edition continue that fine practice, as they too, endorse and celebrate what it means to be Celtic Minded.

Celtic Minded 5 is a book that fully recognises and pays respect to Celtic FC and its supporters’ charitable origins and modern identities. Thus, for each copy of the book sold, 25% of its revenue will be given to the Celtic FC Foundation. With 20,000 copies of the previous four editions being sold since the first edition in 2004, this potentially represents a nice donation to Celtic FC Foundation.

As it has always been with real charity (for reference to ‘real’ charity, see Jesus’ Parable of the Good Samaritan) regardless of ethnicity or religious background or identity, if a need is identified, in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, London, Dublin, New York or elsewhere, and Celtic FC Foundation is able to assist, help and support, with expertise, experience, finance, food, training, advice and guidance, Celtic FC Foundation will be there: ‘Keeping the Faith’ right enough.   

Celtic Minded 5, priced at £15, will be released on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 is now available to pre-order HEREAs part of a special promotion, orders received before the May 31 publication date, will receive a free copy of Celtic Minded 4 (worth £11.99) while stocks last, so be sure not to miss out.