Dr Joseph Bradley: Celtic Minded 5- Essays on Celtic Football Culture and Identities- Part II

As in many other countries, elite football in Scotland involves not only kicking a ball and trying to win trophies, but also, the game revolves around issues relating to finance, power, politics, religion, community, humour, popular culture and identity. It is in this vein that the recently published Celtic Minded 5 explores these in the context of one of Europe’s greatest sporting institutions, Celtic FC.  This is a book, a collection of essays written by a wide variety of Celtic Minded individuals and supporters (teachers, academics, ex-players, politicians, religious, musicians, factory workers, journalists, health workers, etc.), that constitutes an insightful examination of what a football club means and represents to a community.

Although tradition, culture, identity, history, pride and winning can and is applied to numerous football clubs, there is nowhere but at Celtic where such things are not only constant and to the fore, but also, where ideas about ethos, charity, faith and community don’t simply add to such a list, but also, expand, elaborate and deepen the meaningfulness of the relationship between Celtic FC and its great body of inter-generational supporters.

There is no other sports club in the world where so much that is unique gathers. The context of the Great Irish Hunger (an gorta mor), Irish immigration to Scotland, a football club emerging and often facing hostility on and off the park, survival, a club and a support open to all regardless of faith, ethnicity, colour or class, success on the park – including rising to the pinnacle of European football in 1967 – and a club renowned in the world of sport and beyond.

The core motivation for the founding of Celtic Football Club was one of charity. This fact and rationale offers the Club and its fanbase uniqueness; a history, a tradition, a meaning and purpose beyond most other socio-cultural institutions. Celtic Minded 5 is a book that fully recognises and pays respect to Celtic FC and its supporters’ charitable origins and modern identities.

For each copy of the book sold, 25% of its revenue will be given to Celtic FC Foundation. As it has always been with real charity (for reference to ‘real’ charity, see Jesus’ Parable of the Good Samaritan) regardless of ethnicity or religious background or identity, if a need is identified, in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, London, Dublin, New York or elsewhere, and Celtic FC Foundation is able to assist, help and support, with expertise, experience, finance, food, training, advice and guidance, Celtic FC Foundation will be there: tradition, culture, identity, history right enough.

Celtic Minded 5 is priced at £15 and is available to order HEREAs part of a special promotion, those who order the book will also receive a free copy of Celtic Minded 4 (worth £11.99) while stocks last, so be sure not to miss out.