Founders Club

The Founders Club was established in 2012, around an event to mark the 125th anniversary of the Club’s formation.

Since its inception, the Founders Club has existed to bring together a community of Celtic supporters who share the values of our founding principles, and are invested in building the future of our charitable arm. Members demonstrate a monthly financial commitment to the development of Celtic FC Foundation, and, in doing so; ensure the Club’s charitable roots always remain at the heart of what we do. Each year, the underpinning of support from our Founders allows the Foundation to provide vital services and create opportunities for individuals in the communities we serve.

celtic founders club

The aim is that funding gifted to Celtic FC Foundation by our Founders each month, in conjunction with the support received from Celtic Football Club, will allow us to cover the charity’s core costs. We are committed to ensuring that our costs are as low as possible, but in order to work and grow effectively, we must allocate a percentage of our funding to staffing, running and governance expenses. The reassurance of being able to rely on income dedicated to this crucial funding is extremely valuable, and allows us to:

  • Deliver in excess of 30 community projects every year.
  • Plan for the future by projecting a stable and dependable income.
  • Substantially reduce the percentage of monies raised which is allocated to overheads. This means that close to every penny raised by the wider Celtic support can go directly todelivering vital work in the community.

Members of the Founders Club are invited to:

  • Have your name listed on the Founders Club board which is situated outside the Walfrid Restaurant at Celtic Park
  • Receive a unique welcome gift
  • Attend an annual Founders Club event, with a reception and lunch hosted by
    those you have supported throughout the year, while our Trustees and
    Ambassadors have the chance to thank you for your support
  • Visit Celtic FC Foundation’s community facilities and projects, including options to support participants at Celtic Learning Centre and visit the Lions’ View Sensory Room, here at Celtic Park.
  • Receive regular updates on the impact of your contribution

Get in touch

We would be delighted to further explain the purpose of the Founders Club and the various ways that we engage and network with the group, building a close relationship throughout the year.

For further details, please contact:

[email protected]
0141 551 4360