St Roch’s FC Foundation

St Roch’s FC are a junior football club based in Royston (Garngad), and whose park is named after Celtic and St Roch’s legend, Jimmy McGrory. With a wide-reaching fan base and a community ethos matching that of Celtic FC Foundation, St Roch’s have attracted interest from far and wide.

St Roch’s FC Foundation is the charitable arm of the football club and their mission is to create and promote projects that have benefits to the local community.

“We have worked in partnership with Celtic FC Foundation for the last 5 years or so and have been able to offer an outreached arm of support to families and those who need a wee hand at Christmas time.

“Last Christmas, with the support of the Foundation and others, we were able to support a number of families in our community, to help give them a special Christmas.”

Andy Cameron, St Roch’s