Scottish Refugee Council

Based in Glasgow’s city centre, SRC is a leading, independent national human rights charity supporting refugees across Scotland since 1985. Working with families and individuals to protect their rights and support integration and inclusion, SRC aims to help those who have fled war, conflict or abuse of human rights, to rebuild their lives in safety.

“For refugee children and families we support, the festive period can be very lonely and a painful reminder of the loved ones they have left behind or lost to war. With the little financial support families get from the Home Office, it is difficult for parents to buy enough food for Christmas, so toys, decorations, new clothes or family days out, are not really a priority.

“For a child, a simple toy can bring a smile back and be a friend, festive food can bring a few moments of content and good times with family, can be a reminder that not all is lost. This has become possible in the last few years with the help of Celtic Foundation. So thank you and thanks to all your supporters who continue to bring the joy of Christmas to refugee children and families through their very generous donations.”

Esther Muchena, Scottish Refugee Council