Glasgow Women’s Aid

Glasgow Women‘s Aid has been supporting women, children and young people who are experiencing domestic abuse for over 35 years. The development of their service has been influenced by the experiences of the women, children and young people that they have supported. As an organisation they provide information, support and temporary refuge accommodation.

“Christmas is a very difficult time for our families. Women and children are spending their first Christmas away from home. They won’t have their normal friends and family around them and it can be a very scary and lonely time. Children also have lots of worries that Santa won’t come, as they are not at home and worry about how he will find them while living in refuge.

“Women have told us that the Christmas donations have allowed them to breath at Christmas. It has taken away stress and worry. The smiles, fun and excitement around the refuge at Christmas time is wonderful and is only made possible by donations such as this.”

Fiona Davies, Glasgow Women’s Aid